Who we are:

Mt. Rose Reformed Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Reno, Nevada is a confessional Presbyterian church. This means that our faith and practice is shaped by the Westminster Standards, as a faithful summation of the system of doctrine contained in Scripture. Our confessional standards place us within the historic Reformed and Presbyterian tradition and therefore connect us with our rich past. We are not trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel. As a confessional Presbyterian and Reformed church, we believe that God meets us and nourishes our faith through the means of grace he has given us. Therefore, Christ-centered preaching and the administration of the sacraments take central place in our worship and lives at Mt. Rose Reformed OPC.

Why confessional Presbyterian?

We are confessional in so far as our doctrine and practice as a church are informed by one of the Reformed confessions, namely the Westminster Confession of Faith, as faithful summary of the system of doctrine found in Scripture. Every church has an interpretation of Scripture. Instead of having a private interpretation unhinged from the past, we seek to read and interpret Scripture with the historic church embodied in her confessions. We are not trying to be innovative by reinventing the wheel. Hence, we seek to perpetuate the historic confessional Presbyterian tradition as a faithful expression of Biblical Christianity. Our tradition reaches back to the Westminster Divines of the 17th century, and in turn to the magisterial Reformation of the 16th century, and beyond.

Therefore, as a confessional church, you will find a churchly expression of Christianity that has characterized the historic Reformed and Presbyterian traditions. We confess the central importance of the public preaching of the Word and the administration of the sacraments on the Lord’s Day. It is here that weak sinners are justified and renewed unto eternal life. We confess that through the mundane means of preaching, the giving and receiving of bread and wine, and baptism, Christ and his coming Kingdom breaks in on this evil age.

Why Orthodox?

The term orthodox has nothing to do with Eastern Orthodoxy, but refers rather to our church’s pointed faithfulness to her confessional tradition, which in turn looks to Scripture as the ultimate authority. In contrast to those who have opted for a liberal or loose reading of Scripture, our denomination has sought to affirm the system of theology found in Scripture as expressed in our Westminster Standards. Orthodox can be understood as our affirmation that the church is built on doctrine and not on subjective experience or social activism.

Why Reformed?

Being a Reformed church is not simply believing in the sovereignty of God, but involves a full-orbed doctrine of faith and life derived from Scripture as outlined above. It was the Reformers of the 16th century, like Luther and Calvin, who recovered from the medieval Catholic Church a more Biblical understanding of justification, church, worship, and the Christian life at large. The pioneering work of the early Reformers has since been refined (not overhauled) by supporters in the 17th century, like the Westminster Divines, and into the modern church. Mt. Rose Reformed OPC is a part of this historic Reformed tradition. We invite you to worship with us and find out more.

Mt. Rose’s Pulpit

After the retirement of Pastor Andy Preston, who faithfully and sacrificially ministered to the Mt. Rose congregation for more than a decade, the pulpit has been declared vacant by the Presbytery of Northern California and Nevada. Until God calls a new minister to serve at Mt. Rose, members of the Presbytery are filling the pulpit. We have published a Pastoral Vacancy Announcement, and pray to have a new pastor soon.