Banner of Truth Minister’s Conference

Last month I had the privilege to attend the 2021 Banner of Truth Minister’s Conference in Ramona, California. I was very excited to go to this conference, as I’ve never taken a few days off to attend something like this. I’ve been to a few theology or preaching conference sessions here and there, but it was a new – and delightful! – experience to spend a few days away at a retreat center with other like-minded church leaders and Christian brothers.

I enjoyed the fellowship, seeing old friends and making new friends. And my heart was encouraged to sit under the ministry of the Word of God for three days. The five speakers each brought two messages, and God used all of them to feed my soul. It’s amazing how the Lord uses various personalities and preaching styles to impress his Word on the hearts of his people.

Below are some pictures from the conference. I look forward to going again.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Scott

Before and after each message we sang a hymn. What a blessing to hear the hearty voices of a room full of men singing praises to God!
One of the speakers was Rev. Craig Troxel, whom I knew as a local pastor and part-time professor in my seminary days.
A highlight of the conference – the bookroom. Banner of Truth deeply discounted certain books for first-time attendees. When you put together a group of Reformed pastors and a collection of theological books for sale, as here, you get a shopping frenzy.
Some of my “loot” from the conference. The other books I had to order and are on the way. I will not be able to say I have nothing to read.
On the way down to the conference center, my friend Karl and I stopped by the house I lived in during grade school in La Verne, California. Out of curiosity I checked the price estimate on Zillow for this house. The estimate is about the same as the price we paid for our last two houses combined (and both much larger than this). How do people afford to buy a house in California? Anyway, I enjoyed the brief walk down memory lane.